Sponsor a Bee-Garden for €10!
Sponsor a Bee-Garden for €10!

Sponsor a Bee-Garden for €10!

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DID YOU KNOW! One third of our native bee species is threatened with extinction from Ireland? This is because we have drastically reduced the amount of food (flowers) and safe nesting sites in our landscapes.

The Regional Red List of Irish Bees produced in 2006 identified 30 threatened bee species, 3 regionally extinct species, and 16 data deficient species out of a total of 99 assessed species on the island of Ireland. This situation has not improved since then sadly for our bees and bee populations here continue to be in rapid decline.   

Here at Rose Lodge Nurseries, Rathmore, Co Kerry, Ireland (eplantsireland.com) we will be taking on a number of sponsored initiatives with your help to help these native wild bees that are in crisis. We continue to support beekeepers in keeping healthy honey bees; but it must be stressed that it is our wild bees that are in trouble, and that we need to halt those declines and create a balanced system with a range of pollinator types.

It is well-known that any actions to protect pollinators can help restore other elements of biodiversity, and result in multiple benefits for nature and for people. For example, pollinators are important for maintaining plant populations that sequester carbon, and protect against flooding, and some pollinators help control pest populations and recycle waste. And ultimately, pollinators help to ensure the people of Ireland have healthy natural systems to enjoy, promoting our mental and physical health.

Pledging to help sponsor a garden for pollinators means you have chosen to help create a healthy pitstop for pollinators in the Irish landscape.

With your sponsorship of €10, €20, €50 or €100 we will do the hard work on your behalf! 

100% of all proceeds go into planting more bee-friendly flowers, pollen-rich herbs, native hedge-grows and erecting sand dunes and bee hotels for cavity-nesting solitary bees to help provide much-needed food and shelter for our native bees and other pollinating insects.

Did you know only 10 species of Irish bees are likely to use a garden nest box, but we have
62 species of mining bees! We aim to build these Bee-Welcoming Air-B&B Nesting Boxes and sand dune areas for them in suitable locations and for visitor solitary bees who fly by in need of rest! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

In conclusion, of our 77 species of solitary bees in Ireland, two have already disappeared and another 24 species are threatened with extinction. Like all our wild bees, solitary bees face many threats, not least hunger. There simply aren’t enough flowers across our increasingly sterile landscapes. The good news is that we can all help, by sponsoring and supporting us here at Rose Lodge Nurseries in creating and expanding our bee-gardens for just €10, €20, €50 or €100 you can help, if we all act, we can change their fate! It would be an enormous loss if we didn’t protect these bee species for future generations! 

Please like our Facebook Page: Rose Lodge Nurseries & EPlants Ireland and see photos of our initiatives, bee-projects and bee-friendly flower photos as they grow and mature! Subscribe to our newsletter on eplantsireland.com for regular updates! 

Bee a part of something special!