Rose Liquid Fertiliser

Rose Liquid Fertiliser

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Firstly, Choosing the right Rose feed and Rose fertilisers can be difficult and as most Rose growers will know that they  heavy feeders, Its takes a lot of energy for the Rose bush / plant to produce such amazing flowers. Secondly, this puts a lot of pressure on the soil and it can leave the soil and plant deficient in valuable nutrients. If  you are not feeding both plant and soil regularly with Betterplants Rose Tonic or Rose Fertilisers. The Rose bush will let you know there is something wrong and will not have the energy to successfully fight off diseases and pests and then the damage will start to show .

What can I do to keep my rose plants healthy?

Prevention is better than trying to fix a problem when its to late. Getting the best rose fertiliser is important, and treating the rose bush two ways will make a big difference, Foliar and Roots feeding .

Therefore we recommend  it is very important that roses are fed regularly.

Weekly spraying with betterplants Rose Tonic/ rose fertilisers . Spary the Rose Fertilisers on the leaves of the rose bush it fast acting and sends valuable nutrients to the plant.  Moreover, The nutrients are absorbed up to 10 times faster that soil fertiliser giving the roses a boost. We also advise people to put granular seaweed around the base of the bush as this will conditions the soil and roots. If transplanting use the root booster (in stock now in our shop)  this helps with root development and transplant shock.

Betterplants Rose Tonic

Betterplants rose fertiliser is what people are calling magic liquid. When the first leaves appear on the plant it time to start spraying the leaves top and bottom.  In doing this it is a fast a proven way yo treat specific plant deficiencies fast. How this happens is when you spray the rose plant with betterplants Rose fertiliser , The stoma in the leaf which a pore, found in leaves, stems, absorb the nutrients and give the plant a fast boost.

What you are treating the plant from the leaves and the roots, the rose bush will be far stronger and able to with stand pest and diseases better. We recommend putting granular seaweed (available to purchase here) around the base of the Rose Bush that will slowly release into the soil and roots.

Foliar feeds

Foliar feeds are ideal to correct specific nutrient deficiencies very quickly. Calcium, iron, potassium and zinc deficiencies respond particularly well to foliar feeds

Here are some signs that you roses are under nourished.

Leaves are discoloured or pale looking .

Weak stems and stunted growth.

Leaves look scorched.

Smaller leaves

Flowers are not of good quality

Lots of pest attacks

Early petal falling