Rose Fertiliser & Green Fly Killer Deal
Rose Fertiliser & Green Fly Killer Deal

Rose Fertiliser & Green Fly Killer Deal

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Betterplants Rose Tonic 1litre 

Betterplants rose fertiliser is what people are calling magic liquid. When the first leaves appear on the plant it time to start spraying the leaves top and bottom.  In doing this it is a fast a proven way yo treat specific plant deficiencies fast. How this happens is when you spray the rose plant with betterplants Rose fertiliser , The stoma in the leaf which a pore, found in leaves, stems, absorb the nutrients and give the plant a fast boost.

What you are treating the plant from the leaves and the roots, the rose bush will be far stronger and able to with stand pest and diseases better. We recommend putting granular seaweed (available to purchase here) around the base of the Rose Bush that will slowly release into the soil and roots.

Betterplants Green Fly 1 litre spray 

Green fly can destroy your plants in just a few short days, sucking the sap out of the plants. Also known as Aphids, They can be green or black. Spraying with chemicals can stunt the growth of the plants and are harmful to other insects that will feed off the greenfly, such as ladybugs and hoverflies.

This natural and instant-acting greenfly killer makes sure that it provides your plants great safety against the dangerous new attacks that can spoil your plants’ quality. Our Nautral Green Fly Repelient protects the ornamental plants and gives quite good coverage to other various edibles against the aphids, whiteflies, and caterpillars for up to 4 weeks.