Green Fly killer Big Bottle - 1lt Natural 100% Irish

Green Fly killer Big Bottle - 1lt Natural 100% Irish

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Greenfly can destroy your plants in just a few short days, sucking the sap out of the plants. Also known as Aphids, They can be green or black. Spraying with chemicals can stunt the growth of the plants and are harmful to other insects that will feed off the greenfly, such as ladybugs and hoverflies.

This natural and instant-acting greenfly killer makes sure that it provides your plants great safety against the dangerous new attacks that can spoil your plants’ quality. Our Nautral Green Fly Repelient protects the ornamental plants and gives quite good coverage to other various edibles against the aphids, whiteflies, and caterpillars for up to 4 weeks.

         Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

The better plants greenfly killer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. If you wish to use this spray in your home where your plants are located, you can safely use it and the plants in your gardens.


·         Long-period Protection

Once you have sprayed this product over your plants or any other edible item, its effectiveness will last for four weeks or more.


·          Ideal To use on Fruits and vegetables

Greenfly killers can use this spray to kill insects spread in a vast amount on fruits and vegetables. Through this spray, you can easily get rid of these insects and protect your plants for a long period.