Emerald Mist Indoor Plant Fertiliser

Emerald Mist Indoor Plant Fertiliser

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This unique formula of natural ingredients increases photosynthesis and enriches the plants with the right balance of nutrients.

Give your plants a natural boost with a unique formulation that works on three leaves.

  1. To promote more efficient assimilation of nutrients
  2. To Improve tolerance of environmental stresses such as temperature variation.
  3. To Stimulate healthier root and leaf growth.

Your plants can’t live and be healthy on just water alone, Just like us, humans, they need nutrients to stay healthy and more resistant to pests and diseases. Overwatering is one of the most common reasons house plants die. When you water too much, valuable nutrients are been washed out of the soil if watering from the top. Most plants are in small enough pots and if you are not adding nutrients to the soil the plants will get weaker.

A little spray of this product on your inside plants goes a long way!!