David Austin 5 Roses Special Offer!
David Austin 5 Roses Special Offer!

David Austin 5 Roses Special Offer!

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Here at eplantsireland.com we have a terrific selection of David Austin roses! This special offer includes 5 different coloured roses, for example; red, white, yellow, orange, purple, pink, apricot etc. You can type in the 5 varieties at checkout and I will send you those roses! 

This offer includes FREE DELIVERY anywhere in Ireland, North & South!

Currently in stock NOW:

I have

Charles Darwin (yellow)

Carolyn Knight (orange)

Eglantyne (soft pink)

Boscobel (coral pink)

Golden Celebration (yellow) sold out

Gentle Hermione (blush pink)

Grace (pale orange)

Gertrude Jekyll (pink)

Imogen (pale yellow)

Linchfield Angel (pale lemon)

Lady Emma Hamilton

Lady of Shallot (orange)

Molineux (yellow)

Mary Rose (pink)

Olivia Austin (pale pink) sold out

Princess Alexandra of Kent (deep pink)

Royal Jubilee (pink)

Sir John Betjeman (red)

Spirit of Freedom (pink)

Thomas A. Beckett (crimson pink)

The Acient Mariner (blush pink)

The Alnwick Rose (coral pink) sold out 

The Country Parson (yellow)

The Lady Gardener (orange)

The Mill on the Floss (pink)

Tottering by Gently (yellow)

Wildeve (pale pink)

Wisley ( pale pink)

Young Lycidas (cerise pink)

Darcy Bussel (deep red)

Desdemona (creamy white)

Emily Bronte (pastel pink)

Eustacia Vye ( pale orange/pink)

Harlow Carr (deep pin/lilac) sold out 

Princess Anne (deep pink)

Port sunlight (yellow apricot)

Queen of Sweden (baby pink) sold out

Ronald Dahl (apricot/yellow)

The poets wife (yellow)

Tranquility (white)


Bathsheba climber (orange)

Clair Austin climber (creamy white)

James Galway climber (pink)

The Generous Gardener ( pale pink)

The pilgrim climber ( yellow)

St Swithun climber (pale pink)