Creeping Thyme 500 seeds L packet
Creeping Thyme 500 seeds L packet
Creeping Thyme 500 seeds L packet

Creeping Thyme 500 seeds L packet

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Creeping Thyme (Thymus Serpyllum) 500 seeds approx - Would you like a perennial ground cover plant that is an evergreen and very little maintenance? Look no further than Thymus Serpyllum seeds to grow a wonderfully hardy ground cover directly in the garden or border! Just 4 - 6 inches tall, Creeping Thyme ground cover plants are completely covered in 1/4 inch bells of carmine-pink flowers with a matt forming carpet of dense dark green foliage covered with violet & purple shaded flowers from May To Aug. 
Bees and butterflies love it and so will you! Creeping Thyme will spread to 18 inches in width in no time at all. Grow in well-drained neutal to alkaline soil in full sun. After flowering, cut vigorous thymes back hard to maintain compactness. Prune back in spring, for upright, shrubby species.

One of the best low growing ground cover perennial plants available. The plant is extremely robust and will tolerate light walking on when used amongst patio stones or near walkways giving off its scent when disturbed. No maintenance is required! 

Seed is sown on the surface and gently pressed into the growing medium.  Do not cover as the seed needs light to germinate. These are very tiny seeds so handle with care! 


100 seeds covers 2 square feet 
500 seeds covers  1 
square meter
2,000 seeds covers 4 square metres 
10,000 seeds covers 20 square metres