Capillary matting
Capillary matting

Capillary matting

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  • Best product ever! We use it in the tunnels here under the pots to stop them drying out! 
  • Capillary Matting - Greenhouse Watering Fabric.
  • Weighing 300g per square metre, this matting holds a whopping 3.5 litres of water per square metre. 100% recycled, non-toxic matting- perfect for keeping plants and flowers healthy. This matting is rot-proof, as well as being easy to shape. Perfect for use in seed trays, hanging baskets, grow bag trays, greenhouse and home plants. Easily create your own watering system- long lasting moisture distribution for plants and flowers.
  • Can be cut into preferred lengths of up to 40 metres. 

  • Price here is for 1 metre, click however many metres you require and this will be sent to you in 1 length. 

  • Standard Width is 1.25M