30 packets of Bee-Friendly Flower Seed, Free Delivery

30 packets of Bee-Friendly Flower Seed, Free Delivery

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30 packets of Bee-Friendly Flower Seeds Bundle!! Most varieties are grown & harvested here in my garden I am very proud to say! 😊

I really hope you get as much enjoyment out of planting these seeds and enjoying the fruits of your work as I do!! 

                 Happy Gardening everyone!! 

30 Packets of the following:


Alyssum Royal Carpet


Californian Poppy Mix 

Poached Eggs




Baby Marigold Tagetes 

Lambs Ear 

Red Poppies

Poppy Shirley Colour Mix 


Potentilla “Miss Willmott” 

Cosmos Pink 

Forget me Not seeds Blue or Pink,

Gaillardia Aristata 


Snow in Summer

Sweet Williams 

Violet Poppies 

White Fox Gloves 

Sea Holly 


Lavender Hidcot seeds

Cornflower seeds

Blue Flax seeds,

Birds Eyes 

Crocosmia Lucifer Mix

Pink Frills Poppy Seeds

French Marigolds


Plus many more! 

€50 for 30 packets ( I am very generous with the amount of seeds given!)

I will put a random selection of 30 packets from the list above, but if you prefer,  you can tell me the ones you do & don’t want, also you can choose a couple of packets of the same one if you wish etc.
drop me a message in the checkout or give me a text 087 9858133 if that’s easier for you!

All seeds are packaged up here and have a picture and sowing instructions included!
Check out the beautiful seed storage boxes in the “Garden Products” section!