Importance of Watering your Roses

PLEASE WATER YOUR NEWLY PLANTED ROSES! Failure to water them this will result in them dying or poor growth, poor bloom and more disease prone.

Remember! Rain water is only a bonus for newly planted bare roots or potted roses! Also, don’t forget to water roses in patio pots twice a week if required as they tend to dry out. If you planted your roses along a bank, raised garden or a slope, pay particular attention to the soil and see that it hasn’t dried out for the roses.

Ideally, the best time to water your rose plant is earlier in the day. You should always water the plant at ground level to prevent black spots from appearing or to minimize the chances of diseases, such as black spots from taking over your plant. When the weather is overcast, there is no need for you to wet the foliage.
If you keep forgetting to water them, set a reminder in your phone! Also, add tomato feed once buds appear.

Spray with Rose Clear every week to protect against blackspot & greenfly!